Mor About Me!

This is the first post!  Whoop!  For those who may not know me, let me introduce myself!  I am Laura Flynn, a busy Mom of 8 and self-proclaimed (and a little publicly proclaimed) kefir Mama!

My journey to Water Kefir began back a few years ago when I had gone through MOST of a physical transformation from being overweight to about a 65 lb weight loss.   I had been chosen by our local WTLV channel 12/25 First Coast News to be a contestant on a local 12-week series that was similar to NBC’s The Biggest Loser, called, “Kick It Up First Coast Moms”.   It aired on the First Coast Living segment with Nick Loren and Casey DeSantis and was sponsored by our local YMCA and Memorial Hospital.  Over the coarse of 12 weeks I lost 35 lbs and continued on my own until I was sort of “stuck” at the 65 lb weight loss for about 2 years.  It seemed my diet and exercise were at their peak level, but unless I felt I was “starving”, nothing else would come off.

Enter my good Facebook friend, William Douglas Morgan,  whom I have called my “health guru”.  Truth is, he is a dedicated father of two beautiful daughters in Alaska, and a long time Nurse who has been dedicated to natural health for a very long time.  He told me about Water Kefir and said I should drink it before my meals.  SO GLAD I LISTENED!!!   Without changing anything else, my last 20 lbs seemed to melt right off.  Boom.  I never stopped making it!

Soon enough people were asking me to teach them to make it, which I did a large amount of, but some were asking me to make it for them.  With the encouragement of three of my dearest friends, Jenny, Doug and Debbie, I began Mor Culture.

As my customer base has grown, so have some great testimonies of improved health!  I am not making the claims, but my customers ARE!  Please look for links of their own testimonies on the Home page!

So that’s a little about me and the beginnings of this marvelous journey to health!  Pics are coming!  I am new to the “blogosphere” (I like to make up my own words, too, sometimes!) so be patient with me!


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